Owner - Nonlinear Solutions Oy

Abhay Bulsari

Magazines which have carried articles from or about Nonlinear Solutions Oy

Advanced Materials and Processes, see articles from May 2010, July 2012, and October 2018

Betoni, see article from October 2020, download as pdf

Betonwerk + Fertigteiltechnik, see summary of an article from June 2014 and the same in German.

BioProcess International

British Plastics and Rubber, see article from March 2016

Chemical Processing, see article from October 2011

Concrete Plant International, see articles/summaries from April 2008, June 2009, December 2009, June 2010, December 2012, June 2013, April 2015, August 2018

European Medical Device Technology

EuroWire, see article from January 2021

International Fiber Journal

Glass Worldwide, see article from November-December 2016 on pages 118-119 of that issue (pages 120-121 of the file).

Global Cement Magazine, article in November 2016 on pages 24-28.

International Cement Review, September 2016

Materials World, see the article from July 2010

Medical Plastics News, see article from December 2015.

Mining Magazine, see article from August 2012

Nordic Concrete Research, see articles from December 2010, June 2015

Paper Technology International, see article from December 2021

Plastics Engineering; see article from April 2016

Plastics Today; see an article from January 2014

Plastics Technology; see one article from December 2018

Power Engineering International; see articles from May 2008, and from April 2009

Pulp and Paper Canada, see article from April 2021

Rubber World, see text of the article from September 2015

Solid State Technology

Stainless Steel World

Vuoriteollisuus, January 1999

Waste Management World, see article from March 2010

Wire and Cable Technology magazine, see articles from January 2011, July 2014, July 2014, December 2018

World Coal, see contents of June 2009


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